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Industrial Designs celebrates everything raw, vintage, and rugged about office designs and it is a super fashionable warehouse look that is naturally suited to large unfinished rooms. The architecture is often seen in converted warehouse and loft spaces based on the industrial style. Industrial office design inspirations include factory windows, exposed ductwork, steel/metal architectural supports, exposed bricks, and unfinished concrete.

Elements of Industrial Office Interiors

This design is characterized by classical decorative elements in addition to architectural elements added to the building. We can use things like standing desks, steel stools, and old fans to spruce up the area and give it the industrial look the client wants. Industrial style and interior design elements often highlight raw/untreated metals and wood or materials showing signs of ageing. Metal and wood furniture with a distressed feel to it is also popular. You can find industrial office design pieces made from pipe, concrete, reclaimed wood, brick, or metal. Brown, brick, block, wood, and grey are the standard colours in industrial office design. 


The industrial style is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the unrefined and rugged aesthetics of metal and wood. Here are some key points to highlight:


  • Aesthetic Preference:

Unrefined and Rugged Look: Individuals who are drawn to the raw, unfinished, and slightly distressed appearance of materials like metal and wood find the industrial style appealing. The design embraces imperfections and showcases the authenticity of these materials.

  •  Urban Dwellers:

Restored Buildings and Loft Spaces: Urban dwellers, especially those living in restored buildings, lofts, or converted industrial spaces, often find the industrial style a natural fit. The design complements the architectural elements of these spaces, such as exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and large windows.

  • Appreciation for History:

Historical Elements: Individuals who appreciate the history of their living spaces and enjoy incorporating elements with a sense of industrial heritage are drawn to this style. Vintage decorative items and repurposed materials contribute to the storytelling aspect of the design.

  • Love for Raw and Gritty Furniture:

Raw and Gritty Aesthetics: Those who have a preference for furniture that has a raw and gritty appearance, often made from materials like distressed metal and reclaimed wood, find industrial-style furniture and decor to be a perfect match.

  • Creativity and Personal Expression:

Expression of Personal Style: The industrial style allows for a great deal of creativity and personal expression. Individuals can curate spaces that reflect their unique taste, mixing and matching industrial elements to create a personalized and visually compelling environment.

  • Melding Form and Function:

Appreciation for Form and Function: Industrial design seamlessly melds form and function. For those who value both aesthetics and practicality, the industrial style offers a balance, providing furniture and decor that not only look good but also serve a purpose.

Written By
Bhakti Lakhani